BPFYP Research Report online

As the basis for their further work, partners have conducted some extensive research. If you are interested in the concept of social spaces and youth participation, if you would like to know more about marginalised youth groups and youth rights, and if you want to read about our experiences in implementing some of the social spaces methods, have a look at the report (full or summary versions available). You can download the documents here.

BPFYP Website online

As you can see, the BPFYP Website is now online. We are happy if you spread the word 🙂.
The website is available in the partner languages and can be accessed at www.bepartfeelyourpart.eu.

2nd Partner Meeting in Aarhus (DK)

The 2nd partner meeting took place on 20 and 21 September 2018 in Aarhus, Denmark. The meeting was hosted by the Danish project partners of FO-Aarhus.

The first part of the meeting focused on finalising the first Intellectual Output, the BPFYP Research Report: Based on the detailed presentation of the available study results by the Austrian partners of Jugend am Werk Steiermark, partners discussed the results and provided feedback for adaptation and finalisation. Also, the project partners discussed country-specific situations and consequences from the findings for the upcoming work on the second Intellectual Output.
The second part of the meeting concentrated on a detailed discussion of the BPFYP Training Programme (IO2) and its contents. Following an intesive debate, which was moderated by the responsible partners of ARES, partners were able to reach agreement on all open questions and fixed a detailed work plan for the elaboration of this core project result. Also, partners fixed the date for the joint staff training, which will take place in February 2019 in Graz (AT). During this training period, representatives from all partner countries will be trained on the BPFYP Training Programme and on organising local participation projects.
A third part of the meeting was dedicated to the third Intellectual Output. The German partner of JFV Parchim-Lübz provided a first overview of the BPFYP Local Participation Projects, which will be organised in all partner countries. Finally, the partners also discussed other relevant points, such as dissemination, quality managment and administrative issues.

Representatives from all partner organisations took part in the meeting; the next meeting, which will take place in Germany, was scheduled for June 2019.

BPFYP Project Brochure available

You can now download the BPFYP brochure from this website. We are happy if you use it and tell the world about our project 🙂

BPFYP Brochure (Web version)
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BPFYP Brochure (Print version)
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Kick-off Meeting in London (UK)

On 11 and 12 April 2018, the project partners met for their first project meeting in London, United Kingdom. The meeting, which was hosted by the British project partners of Volunteering Matters, focused on getting to know each other and on setting the sails for a successful time ahead.
Following a detailed overview of the two-years' project period by the Austrian project coordinator and the discussion and clarification of open questions, the participants concentrated on the first Intellectual Output, the BPFYP Research Report. Amongst others, partners defined a timeline for this project phase and distributed tasks amongst the partnership. Furthermore, they discussed a variety of social-spaces methods and exchanged information regarding the various country-specific situations. Finally, they agreed on a detailed work and responsibility plan for their common work on the first intellectual output. All participants contributed their experiences and their extensive knowledge.
Besides their work on IO1, partners also prepared for developing IO2, the BPFYP Training Programme, they discussed contractual, financial and administrative issues, they set up communication guidelines and talked about dissemination and quality parameters.

Except for the partners from Germany, representatives from all partner organisations took part in the meeting; the next meeting was scheduled for April 2018.